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Our Services

Creative Development

When it comes to brainstorming, writing, and storyboarding, we don’t just think outside the box, we throw the box into the recycle bin. We consider all options before making our recommendations.  After approval, we re-invent the box, and assemble your masterpiece neatly within it.  With precision and good humor.


Production is our core strength. A script is only as good as the execution.  It’s about locations, casting, performance, blocking, art-direction, lighting, camera, and sound. We find the images that tell your story best. Bringing it to life is our joy.


Stage West ATL is our fully equipped in-house studio for all your production needs. Book our studio today!


Post is the last chance to re-imagine your vision. Some editors break it in post, and some fix it. We aim to heighten and perfect it for you.  Sometimes that means sticking to the script.  Sometimes it calls for a bold re-discovery of the story.

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