Creative Development

When it comes to brainstorming, writing, and storyboarding, we don’t just think outside the box, we throw the box into the recycle bin. We consider all options before making our recommendations.  After approval, we re-invent the box, and assemble your masterpiece neatly within it.  With precision and good humor.


Production is our core strength.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  

A script is only as good as the execution.  It’s about locations, casting, performance, blocking, art-direction, lighting, camera, and sound.  We find the images that tell your story best.  Bringing it to life is our joy.


Our production van includes an 8’ Dana dolly, EZ Jib, SteadiCam Solo, lighting & grip, sound, and two state-of-the-art camera packages:  

RED Epic Dragon 6K RAW, and SONY FS7 4K with a wide variety of lens options.  We have traveled as far as New York, Washington DC, LA, San Fran, Mexico, and Cuba, or just down the hall to Magick Lantern studio in our hometown of Atlanta.


Post is the last chance to re-imagine your vision.  Some editors break it in post, and some fix it.  We aim to heighten and perfect it for you.  Sometimes that means sticking to the script.  Sometimes it calls for a bold re-discovery of the story.


As early adopters, we went tape-less in 2007, and are accustomed to 4k raw mastering since 2012.  With several 6k award-winning projects in the can, and 8k around the corner, we are ready for the next generation of digital cinema.

Visual Effects

Computer graphics is where we started – our roots.  Our founder helped write the national curriculum for the BFA in Computer Animation at the Art Institutes International.


We earned the trust of AT&T, Cartoon Network, Home Depot, Ferrari, Dunkin’ Donuts, DIY Network, PBS, and even the EMMY Awards.  Others might make sugary eye-candy.  We add the sea-salt and habanero salsa into your brand's visual recipe.

Gear for Rent
We rent out our premium camera packages, grip, lighting and audio gear to our trusted partners.